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What Is Divorce Mediation?


Divorce Mediation Vs. Divorce Litigation


Divorce doesn’t always have to be a stressful situation involving lengthy court intervention. Many times, a married couple simply agrees that they must go their separate ways, but aren’t sure how to proceed. They’re looking to resolve matters such as child custody, property distribution, child support, retirement, taxes, etc. fairly instead of fighting over them. However, they do need guidance in these areas. This type of situation is commonly referred to as an “uncontested divorce”. Sometimes, both parties in a marriage simply want what’s best for everyone involved in their divorce. It’s also important to note that a fully uncontested divorce is rare. Couples who contest on few matters can greatly benefit from divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation. Consulting with a Suffolk County Divorce Mediator is often the best decision in this scenario.

The service of divorce mediation can be a positive and helpful choice. If you are considering a divorce that is mostly uncontested, or simply want to save time, money, and receive help in controlling the outcome of your future in an atmosphere of cooperation, mediation may very well be a better alternative to litigation. A divorce mediator can guide you and make suggestions on how certain aspects of your divorce should be handled.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?


In historical Divorce Litigation, you and your spouse are forced to work around the court’s timetable. A litigated divorce can take, on average, 9 months to 2 years. Lawyer fees add up over time, which is another reason Divorce Litigation is more costly than Divorce Mediation.

At Suffolk County Divorce Mediation, the time it takes for your divorce to resolve is entirely up to you. You schedule your own sessions. Although we pride ourselves in fast turn-arounds, we encourage you and your spouse to schedule sessions with enough time in between to contemplate the divorce settlement agreement you are working toward and how it will affect your future lives.

The time it takes for a divorce to settle in mediation also depends on how complex your marriage is. Even though highly-contested divorce cases can be handled successfully through Divorce Mediation, the more divorce-related issues you and your spouse contest on, the longer it may take.

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Questions Couples May Have When Facing Divorce

  • How will both of us remain an influential part of our children’s life?
  • How will property, if it is under our individual or joint names, be allotted fairly?
  • How will we both manage financially following divorce?
  • What financial obligations do we have toward one another and our children?

With an experienced Divorce Mediator In Suffolk County, these frequently asked questions can be addressed and resolved.

Benefits That Divorce Mediation Offers

  • Overall, the cost of a divorce can be draining. Mediation offers a significantly less-expensive approach. There is no need for attorney fees and court costs, etc.
  • The process is less time consuming as well. If a divorce is mostly uncontested, there’s no need to hire multiple lawyers when a mediator can help you resolve any of your divorce-related obstacles or concerns.
  • Both parties can walk away with less tension toward one another, having come to multiple agreements outside of court. This may be extremely beneficial for both parties as well as any children involved.
  • Mediation can be done in a private atmosphere, where both partners can work out there concerns amicably.
  • A Suffolk County Divorce Mediator will keep both parties fully informed so that they understand the consequences of their decisions.
  • When divorce is uncontested, it makes more sense to choose a Suffolk County Divorce Mediator as opposed to choosing an adversarial proceeding. There will always be raw emotions during a divorce. The lengthy process of an adversarial proceeding, the costliness, and the very act of two soon-to-be ex-spouses fighting against one another can turn their emotions into resentment. This isn’t good, for either party, or for any children involved. A Suffolk County Divorce Mediator can help both parties keep negative emotions out of the process.
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