Divorce Mediation | Frequently Asked Questions

Married Couples Who Want To Divorce Are Increasingly Turning Toward Divorce Mediation As Opposed To Divorce Litigation.
We’re Here To Answer Any Questions Of Yours Regarding Divorce Mediation. Here Are Some Answers To Common Questions.

What Is The Role Of A Divorce Mediator?

A divorce mediator’s role is to aid couples in resolving any issues in their divorce, facilitating positive communication, and ensuring a friendly atmosphere to discuss how both parties can come to a mutual agreement regarding matters of their divorce. A divorce mediator will also ensure that each party has appropriate time to state their concerns or opinions, and clear up any confusion when necessary. He or she will provide pertinent information on how the matters of a couple’s divorce will be handled legally as well as providing them alternative services they may require, referring them to third-party experts for appraisals, etc.

Is There An Advantage To Having A Lawyer As A Divorce Mediator?

Yes, there is. A divorce lawyer has the experience and knowledge to give you the legal information you need in order to make decisions that will benefit your future life. A divorce lawyer can assist in filing all Court Documents if the mediation proves to be successful.

Will I Have To Go To Court?

No – courtroom appearances are not necessary in a successful divorce mediation.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The length of the process depends on the complexity of a couple’s divorce and the matters involved. Sessions may be spread out in order for each party to fully understand the consequences of their decisions and how their divorce will affect their future lives. Your divorce mediator will help answer these questions during your sessions.

Is Divorce Mediation A Less Expensive Alternative To Divorce Litigation?

Yes – on average, divorce mediation can be 40%-60% less expensive than divorce litigation.

My Spouse Knows More About Divorce Than I Do – Can He/She Overpower Me?

A qualified divorce mediator won’t allow one spouse to overpower another. Both parties are given the same, unbiased treatment, and are fully informed of the legalities surrounding their divorce. If, however, the divorce mediator feels that one party is not effectively handling the process, they will take action and discontinue the mediation.

What If My Divorce Seems Too Complex For Mediation?

Any divorce can be handled through mediation. Both parties are encouraged to seek third-party help from accountants, financial planners, etc., in order for them to make informed decisions throughout their mediation.

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