Suffolk County Divorce Mediation Service

We Handle Divorce Mediation With Professionalism, Experience, & With Your Best Interests In Mind


When you first come in to Suffolk County Divorce Mediation Service, we’ll start you off with an introduction into what divorce mediation is, answer all of your questions and explain how we can guide you through your divorce. If both parties are willing to proceed with divorce mediation, we will begin with a confidentiality agreement.


We’ll begin the process of divorce mediation by discussing the matters revolving your divorce, such as property allotment, spousal and child support, custody, visitation rights, etc. We’ll discuss these matters, inform you on the legalities involved, and ensure both parties are ready to make decisions.


After both parties are fully informed on the consequences of their decisions, it’s time to come to agreements that work for all parties involved, including children. With an unbiased view and vital experience with divorce mediation, we will help you come to agreements that suit all parties involved.

Suffolk County Divorce Mediation Service Fees

Approximate Cost With Children


Approximate Cost Without Children


(Separate Court & Processing Fees – Approximately $385)

Scheduling Sessions

(Each Session Lasts Approximately One Hour)

Our hourly rate is $350 per hour, included in the fee structure as set forth above. We encourage clients to take their time in scheduling each session so that both parties have time to consider their decisions as the mediation process moves along. We want you to take on this new chapter in life at your own pace, with a full understanding of what the process involves.

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